What Are Binary Options?

Today, the binary options business is very famous and anyone, regardless of their education, place of residence, profession or age, can take part in stock trading. Although binary options have only been around for a short time, their advantages over other forms of trading are already evident.

Binary options are a very fast and extremely simple financial instrument, which enables investors to speculate on the direction of future asset price movements, for example the price of Google stock, Bitcoin, USD/GBP or gold price.

The basics of binary trading

A binary option is an all-or-nothing financial instrument. We need to predict the price movement. Either you increase your income from the deposited amount, or you lose it completely.

Popular markets for binary options trading
Popular markets for binary options trading

Every broker decides which trading window to choose. Expiration is the time of the deal that we choose from the broker. Generally, all traders choose a time frame between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. Conveniently, the time frame of the deal can be as short as 30 seconds, which allows you to trade up to hundreds of times a day in any global market. These trades are called turbo options and are extremely popular with punters, try it, it's easy!

In terms of expiry periods, options are usually divided into three categories:

  • Short Term/Turbo - usually with an expiry time of less than 5 minutes;
  • Medium - ranging from 5 minutes, to the 'end of the day', i.e. when the local market closes for that asset;
  • Long-term - options expire over one day. The longest term option is 12 months.

For many novice traders, any trades at a broker seem complicated, which stocks or currencies to buy so as not to lose out. But binary options are so easy to use that even a beginner can handle them, so judge for yourself:

  • Two buttons: you just have to predict the price movement, not the price level;
  • Profits: 50% or more in a short period of time;
  • Adjustable bet size;
  • No hidden fees: the broker earns the difference between the amounts traders have deposited and received;
  • Multitude of assets -not only currency pairs, but also gold, oil, whatever you want;
  • Minimality of investment. Just not so long ago, in order to trade you had to have a minimum deposit of several thousand dollars, and sometimes even several tens of thousands. But with the arrival of new brokers and increasing popularization of this financial market, now anyone can trade binary options, because some companies allow starting work (make transactions) with the deposit of only $1.
Choose from a variety of assets to trade
Choose from a variety of assets to trade

Example of a trade: You need to select an asset, any asset, such as a currency pair, and predict where the exchange rate will go and where it will be after a certain period of time.

• Will it go up? We press the "Up" button, it is also a Call.
• Will it go down? The button "Down", aka Put.

Let's say we got silver. Let's put, say, $40. Let's assume that the payout percentage will be 50%. Decide that the rate will fall in 1 minute and press the "Put" button. Wait for 1 minute and if the prediction was correct, your account will be $20 more.

The most common type is the simple 'Up/Down' option, described in the example above. But there are many other types of options. One common factor is that the result is always 'binary'. Here are some of the available varieties:

  • Up/Down or High/Low are the basic and most common binary options. Where will the price be at expiration time - above or below the current price.
  • In/Out, Range or Boundary - In this option the 'up' and 'down' value is set. Traders forecast where the price will be - within or outside these levels (or "boundaries").
  • Touch/No Touch - options with set levels above or below the current price. The trader must forecast whether or not the current price will contact these levels at any time prior to expiration. Note that in the case of these options, the trade can close before expiration - if the price reaches the desired level earlier.
  • Ladder - these options are similar to normal Up/Down options, but instead of the normal strike price, a ladder option uses predefined price levels (gradually moving up or down). They can often be quite far away from the current strike price. Because these options typically require significant price movement, payouts are often beyond 100%, but one side of the trade may not be available.

Mobile application

Trading via smartphone has become very easy as all the major brokers provide fully functional mobile trading applications. Most trading platforms are designed with mobile device users in mind. So the mobile version will be very similar, or even exactly the same, as the full web version on traditional websites.

Loading is fast, and traders can also register via the mobile site. Traders need to be able to react quickly to news and market updates, so brokers provide tools for clients to trade from wherever they are.

Download the app for free and start earning today, right from home! 

What are Binary Options Bonuses?

Before you start trading or investing in binary options, it is important to understand the basics. You can find a lot of information on this subject on the internet. And you can also get basic training on the broker's platform, it is very good if the platform provides this option. There are usually video tutorials on different topics, which will answer a lot of your questions about trading.

On the platform, you will learn how to spend your money wisely and how to use the bonuses that your broker is willing to give you wisely. Many trading platforms and organizations offer various types of bonuses and benefits to traders and investors. These bonuses are available to traders and investors through binary options contracts. These contracts are used by both novice and experienced traders to generate profits.

Bonuses are designed to introduce new brokers to the binary options market. The most significant advantage of these bonuses is that they come in handy when you are starting out in binary options.

Register for free and claim your bonus today, don't be afraid to take the first step to your new earning potential!

Take advantage of your bonus
Take advantage of your bonus

Types of Binary Option Bonuses

If you are still unsure about binary options bonuses, it is a good idea to do some research about the various brokerage companies that offer them.  You can review different brokers to get an idea of the rates they offer. A broker is at liberty to change their bonus programs, so be sure to check what perks the platform is willing to give you, just at the time of signing up.

Binary options bonuses can be divided into two types:

  • Real money for trading.
  • Real bonuses for trading.

The first type in its pure form is quite rare. More often conditions are stipulated, that bonus funds deposited to the real trading account can be withdrawn in certain period or on condition of certain performance. The broker gives such funds so that a potential trader could try trading without any risk. But not to withdraw it and forget about trading. That's why the broker hedges the conditions.

The second type of bonus funds is more common. Funds from the bonus account cannot be withdrawn automatically. And they can be transferred to the main account only by complying with the trading conditions, such as those listed above. But both types of bonus funds can be used in binary options trading. They can be invested in trades and earn a real profit.

The most common bonuses:

  • Deposit Opening Bonus is a great learning opportunity and a good start for newcomers. You can not be afraid to take risks and plunge into the world of real trading from the first trades.
  • Deposit bonus - reward for regular clients for active trading. It is more profitable to withdraw money from the deposit and replenish it by the large sum. You may additionally earn high interest.
  • Risk-free transactions - opportunity to open several first transactions under special conditions. The broker provides its own insurance. In case of profit, the profit is deposited to the real account in full. In case of unsuccessful expiry of the option, the investment remains on the trader's account. A generous offer from the company.
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus

Bonuses are a great way to speed up the deposit without any real money.

Binary options - no deposit bonus

A specific type of bonus is the 100 no deposit bonuses in binary options. You can get the bonus without depositing any money in the account.

Brokers go out of their way to help interested users, offering to enter the world of binary options without a deposit.

User registers, learns about trading, uses demo-account, gradually gets ready for depositing on the real trading account. Binary options 100 no deposit bonus gives newcomers the opportunity to get rid of the fear associated with binary options.

Bonus accruals, even more so without a deposit, have their advantages:

  • Newcomers can try their hand at trading by trading with bonus funds. For beginning traders bonus without deposit is a great opportunity to get real trading experience without risk of losing their own capital.
  • For experienced traders, bonus without any deposit is a good way to earn extra funds. In general, traders have their own system of bonus accrual, which allows them to profit from their experience in financial markets. Join in too! And the result will not keep you waiting!

How to start trading binary options and get no-deposit bonus?

Learning the basics of binary options trading and getting an instant deposit bonus is very easy. There are many educational websites on the internet to help you take your first steps in this lucrative financial instrument, for example, you can take training on the broker's platform as mentioned above. This is also where you open your account on the platform from which the trades will be made.

Use your promo code on the platform
Use your promo code on the platform

There is only one step left to take on the journey - register and fund your account, for an amount that is convenient for you. Start with a small deposit and add to it gradually. Or you can invest a bigger amount at once, so that you can try all the assets and have a chance to make some big money.

Apart from the basic functions, the platform will help you in your further work, as it not only allows you to make bets, but also many other things:

  • Comfortable deposits and withdrawals;
  • The ability to trade multiple assets in a professional terminal;
  • The ability to communicate with traders;
  • Mobile application for real money on the platform;
  • News, articles and much more.

It takes a few minutes to register on the platform, just click on the registration button and follow the instructions, enter basic information about yourself.

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

When you fund your account, you can use your debit card or any other way you like, just choose from the list and fund your brokerage account.

You can also try trading for a while on a demo account.  The demo allows you to see what happens when you place a bet. This will make you feel comfortable when you're placing real bets and will help you get to grips with the software. In this way, you will learn the basics of trading and gain experience.

Choose the level of your profile on the platform
Choose the level of your profile on the platform

The platform is full of resources to help you get started. If you want to learn how binary options trading works as well as take your first investment bonus, then you have to be determined and go for your goal, at first you might not understand everything, but by taking advantage of the handy platform and the system prompts and the hotline, you will figure it all out and start generating the profit and result you have been waiting for.

You can check out the reviews and ask for help from those who have already used it. You can also get advice from experts who can help you solve any problems you may encounter when you start. With the right guidance, you will be successful in your binary options trading career. There are many resources that can help.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose