The modern successful person is someone who is constantly on the move. To be successful, you need to be constantly engaged in a multitude of processes, performing a large number of tasks and small tasks on a daily basis. Fortunately, modern technology has made our lives very easy by providing us with convenient online resources for planning, training, services, shopping, booking and so on. Moreover, all these services are now available to us in a mobile version in the form of mobile applications. 

Yes, you can now order food delivery to your home or office, as well as flowers, books, medicines, and so on with a few clicks on your mobile phone. Almost any banking transaction, be it money transfer, utility payments, loan repayments or even ordering cards, is all available on mobile banking, a mobile app that is made available to you for use by your account servicing bank. You can also study and take learning tests using your mobile phone. There is probably no service or product that you cannot order or buy from your phone. 

The market has taken into account the needs of the modern man and has provided an opportunity to reduce the time and energy spent on many routine tasks by using mobile applications. All reputable companies and firms who want to attract and retain customers take care to develop a mobile app to enable them to order their services or goods. 

The highly competitive brokerage market is also working in this direction. There are mobile applications for online trading platforms which are as convenient as their desktop versions. 

The topic of today's review is the best mobile trading platform. Let's take a look at what features it should include and the specifics of using a mobile trading app. 

Best mobile trading platform
Best mobile trading platform

How to download a mobile app for online trading? Registration on the platform

Downloading a mobile app for online trading does not require any special knowledge or skills, and the registration process is not time-consuming. 

So, you need to find the official playmarket on your gadget, which allows you to download applications to your phone, and search there for the required application by entering the name of the brokerage company in the search query box. Once you have found the required application, press the "download" button and wait for the application to fully download to your phone. When you have downloaded the software, you will see all the technical information about the application: its compatibility with the phone operating system, the amount of memory it will take up on your device, and its privacy settings. Keep these details in mind to download the app correctly. 

When the app is fully downloaded, the app's branded shortcut will appear on your device and you will be taken to the registration (or authorisation) page on the platform.

If you have already registered on the platform through the desktop version before, you do not need to go through the registration process again. Simply log in to the platform by entering your username and password and you will immediately have access to all your transactions from the mobile version. All your data will be instantly synchronised and you will be able to use both versions of the platform in parallel. 

If you haven't used the platform before, sign up now. Registration is very simple and straightforward, just enter the details requested by the system, such as username and email. Confirm your registration with a link that will come to your specified email. That's it, you can use your account.

Also, on the registration page you will see links for automatic registration using social networks - this registration process implies an automatic duplication of your data that you previously used to register in these social networks. 

Select a convenient registration option and start using the app!

Please note: A quality mobile app for online trading offers simple and easy registration, automatic synchronisation with the desktop version, available on iOS and Android and does not take up much space on your device. 

When downloading the app, only use the official playmarket version on your phone, or use the link from the broker's official website to avoid fraudulent activity by third parties. 

Only download the online trading application from verified sources
Only download the online trading application from verified sources

Intuitive interface

As trading itself is quite an energy-consuming process, it is important that the platform is as user-friendly as possible.

The developers of modern mobile applications for online trading have taken care of traders' comfort by making the interface of the software very simple and user-friendly, without detracting from the functionality of the mobile platform. 

Flexible application settings allow you to choose the screen position
Flexible application settings allow you to choose the screen position

Yes, you can not only view the statistics on assets, news feed and quotation charts, but also customize the display of these sections as you wish. For example, you have the possibility to set up an interactive display of the newsfeed on the left panel of the trading room, in order to view current events in the world economy in the background. You can view your asset statistics at different times by selecting the desired time frame from the lower toolbar. You can customize the chart types - you can choose line or candlestick charts, bars or Heikin-Ashi. Choose the one you like. 

In addition, different people have different perceptions of colour. Because of this, the developers made it possible to personalize the colour scheme of charts, as well as several options for the design of the trading room for your convenience. 

In the mobile version all trading tools are available to you. You can use the demo account to hone your trading skills, use the multiplier to activate leverage, apply stop orders, or open and close trades. 

Choose an online platform with a mobile version that offers a full range of trading tools and a flexible interface. 

Mobile platform menu
Mobile platform menu

Availability of financial instruments

A quality trading platform gives you full and unlimited access to all financial instruments from the mobile version. Depending on which financial instruments your chosen broker offers for trading, you will be able to invest in these markets from your mobile device. 

Download the App and invest in shares of world giants or choose to trade gold or oil, ETF funds or cryptocurrencies. There really is a lot of choice. And it's all in your app, just a few clicks away!

Profit by investing in financial markets so popular among traders:

  • Cryptocurrency market. Follow the lightning-fast changes in bitcoin price or invest in the increasingly popular Ethereum - the choice is yours;
  • Trade currency pairs on Forex - it is the most volatile market and is often chosen by day traders;
  • Earn up to 75-80% on binary options trading;
  • Diversify your profits by investing in ETFs;
  • Speculate on stocks using CFDs.

All of the above financial instruments are now also available in mobile versions of the trading platforms - very convenient!

Choose your assets
Choose your assets

Availability of convenient trading tools

Modern mobile trading apps allow you to set stop orders from the mobile version of the platform.

What are stop orders? They are indispensable trading tools for the trader. With stop orders you can set an upper or lower limit on the trade, below which the trade is automatically closed. This allows the trader to secure his operations a bit.

Stop Loss is an order to broker to close the current position if the operation limit is reached. In other words, if the market has moved against us, we can be sure that losses will not lead to the total loss of the deposit.

Take profit is a reverse pending order, when triggered, the position will be closed at the current profit level. The automatic profit taking is especially important for news and scalping strategies, where the desired momentum can last for several minutes or even seconds. It is impossible to manage to close the order manually in such a short period.

Use stop orders to secure trades
Use stop orders to secure trades

Other features of the mobile application of the trading platform

In addition to the features mentioned above, the mobile app also allows you to use indicators for technical analysis - you will find the same indicators in the app as in the desktop version of the platform. For fundamental analysis, use the news section - it is also available in the app. 

In addition, especially valuable for newcomers will be the "Training" section - watch the video tutorials available on the platform, right from your mobile phone, at a place and time that is convenient for you. Also use the demo account for learning. 

A demo account is an account, which is designed for trial and error testing. 

As soon as you log in to the platform you will be asked to activate a demo account with a certain amount of dummy funds for test operations. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity! You will be able to test the system and check your skills without the risk of incurring real losses.

Possibility to open a demo account
Possibility to open a demo account

The mobile version of the trading platform also gives you access to live chat, where you can ask other traders for advice and just chat. If something doesn't go well and there are technical problems, the mobile version gives you direct access to our support team.

Experience all the benefits of mobile trading. Download the mobile app today, open a demo account and enjoy the flawless performance of our perfectly designed online trading software.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose