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Every man must provide for his family and his children. This is great when a person can give other people (and himself) positive emotions. But true freedom and happiness are impossible without financial independence.

Unfortunately, most people on the planet are deprived of this privilege. For example, in Asia, a large population lives below the poverty line. Hardworking and smart people are forced to work hard to buy food, pay bills and purchase other goods. And this run in a vicious circle seems endless.

So it was before, but the Internet and modern technology have opened the door to a new world. Today, every smart user with access to the network and minimum starting capital can begin the road to success. Thanks to trading on crypto, it became possible to earn additional money. Each user has equal opportunities. The first step on the road to success is choosing a quality service for trading. 

The first step on the road to success is choosing a quality service for trading
The first step on the road to success is choosing a quality service for trading

The path from a small site to a segment leader - IQ Option story

Some companies spend decades to become popular and famous. But IQ Option has gone from a small site to a large trading platform in seven years. In 2013, on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the company was registered and received a license for the right to international activity. In the beginning, the exchange's customers were several thousand people, but the user base grew rapidly. 

This was due to responsible work, customer care, and excellent reliability. According to 2020, more than 40 million people are registered on the site, and thousands of transactions are made here every day. Moreover, the transaction amount for one month exceeds $300 million. You too can start making big money with IQ Option.

Users can trade anywhere with an Internet connection
Users can trade anywhere with an Internet connection

Strengths of the IQ Option Trading Platform

A large number of traders chose the IQ Option platform. This decision is right because the company has a wide range of advantages that make trading as efficient as possible.


The company is well known in many countries of the world. More than 40 million customers, rich experience and excellent reputation have made IQ Option one of the leaders in the segment;


The official website was created by professional programmers and designers. An excellent layout allows you to quickly find the right section, go through the registration procedure and start trading. Besides, the page has many language versions, so you can choose the most convenient option;


The company offers the trader with many different options for making money. The client can conclude transactions by choosing from 300 assets. These are stocks of companies, currencies, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), precious metals, currency pairs, and others;

Ease of registration

Become a customer can any adult user. The registration procedure takes several minutes, and to start trading you will need to make a minimum entry fee ($10). The minimum transaction size is $1, so you can start making big money with low investment;


A unique IQ Option offer that allows you to compete with real traders. Each participant buys a starting ticket, receives 1000 virtual dollars for a deposit and competes for a big prize. Also, there are free tournaments with a good prize pool;


IQ Option customers may not be afraid of becoming a victim of scammers. Because all important information is protected using the special protocol SSL 3.0. Complex dynamic 256-bit code is very difficult to crack. So the hacker does not recognize your account passwords, transaction features, and other data;

You can replenish your deposit quickly and safely
You can replenish your deposit quickly and safely


Thanks to a convenient and well-optimized application for iOS and Android, clients can trade anywhere with an Internet connection. A quality program works fine even with a weak signal, quickly processes transactions and makes you mobile;

Any time

Yes, the IQ Option site works 24/7 (unlike standard exchanges like London, New York, Tokyo, etc.). The trader has the opportunity to earn money at any time. Even in the evening after work or on the weekend. The exception is the Forex exchange, working from Monday (0.00) to Friday (24.00);

Premium features

The company's client has the opportunity to purchase a premium account and gain access to advanced functionality. Now he can take part in special tournaments, have the help of a personal manager, priority on payments, etc .;

Big money

Each profitable transaction on the IQ Option website can bring a user 70-80% profit. Moreover, some professional traders can earn daily 200-300% of the initial investment;


Before you buy Bitcoin and start trading with real money, we recommend that you open a demo account. In this case, the client receives a large sum ($10,000) of virtual dollars on deposit. Money is used to close deals. Such training helps to understand all the nuances of strategies and choose the best option without any risk;

The IQ Option service offers a wide range of settings for customers
The IQ Option service offers a wide range of settings for customers

Fast transactions

You can replenish your deposit quickly and safely. IQ Option company offers customers convenient ways - credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express), electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney), Blockchain. Besides, Bitcoin traders can purchase cryptocurrency at a favorable rate on the site;


When paying a profit, the user must go through the verification procedure. To do this, you must provide the company employees with documents (driver’s license or passport). This approach eliminates the risk of payments to fraudsters who have learned the password from your account;


IQ Option takes care of users and helps them progress. Therefore, the site has a section with popular questions and tips from professional traders. Here the user can learn about the latest trading news, advantages and disadvantages of strategies, and other useful information;


The IQ Option service offers a wide range of settings for customers. For example, the user can add all the necessary indicators and signals to the chart, making trading as convenient and efficient as possible;


Each client has the opportunity to connect and configure a special program of automatic trading. Now the robot will analyze available transactions around the clock, offer the best options and choose the ideal expiration time.

Bitcoin F.A.Q.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency. This is a special type of digital currency that has no coins or other physical counterparts. This is a special complex dynamic key with the SHA-256 hash function, which allows you to make instant and most secure transactions from one point in the world to another. The author of Bitcoin was a group of programmers led by Satoshi Nakamoto. The first coin was issued in 2008.

Due to its convenience, reliable protection and anonymity (transactions with Bitcoin cannot be tracked or blocked if you do not have a unique key for each coin), cryptocurrency has become very popular. This affected the price of coins. In 2009, their value was less than 5 cents, and in 2012 rose to $20,000. The Bitcoin exchange rate is changing - today one coin costs $9500-9700.

Every  IQ Option client can make money. IQ Option Company offers to trade on the cryptocurrency rate. There are many different ways of trading, but the principle remains standard. The client must analyze the situation and make a forecast of how the exchange rate will change over a period. If after the expiration time his forecast turned out to be correct, he makes a profit. If not, it loses money.

The IQ Option platform offers customers a large number of options. The user can choose the best option for him.

• Fluctuations in the course. A simple principle works here: “buy cheaper, sell more expensive”. If a trader can determine and predict the growth of the rate, he must buy Bitcoin at the best (low) and sell at the highest price;

• Call/Put. Earnings on binary options. It indicates the direction of movement of the value of the cryptocurrency. If the client predicts a depreciation, he selects the “Put” option, if the increase in value - the “Call” option. The correct forecast is profitable;

• Touch/No-Touch. In this case, you must specify the border and determine whether the cryptocurrency exchange rate reaches this value (Touch) or does not reach (No-touch). An additional advantage of this option is that the trader can take profits without waiting for the expiration date (if the “touch” option is selected and the condition is achieved);

• In/Out. In this case, the boundaries for the value of the asset are determined. The task of the trader is to guess whether the value will remain within (In) or leave them (Out);

• Turbo option. This is a high-risk tool where the expiration time is 1-5 minutes. Allows you to earn big money or incur big losses;

• Digital-option. Options for cryptocurrency, where the expiration time is 1-7-15 days. There is less profit, but the trader can analyze the news background and other factors, and then make an accurate forecast.

Yes, the user can trade Bitcoin on the IQ Option exchange. But this process has some limitations. The user agrees that he will not exchange cryptocurrency for foreign currencies. Therefore, Bitcoin can only be used for trading or buying a national currency. It is also worth saying that IQ Option legally operates in the market, so all customers do not violate local laws.

Any user who has completed the registration procedure can replenish the deposit in Bitcoins. The  client should take some simple steps.

1. Go to the official page of the company and log in to your account;

2. Synchronize the cryptocurrency wallet with the site (the company works with such systems as Blockchain, Jaxx, Coinbase);

3. Go to the “Crypto” section in your account (menu in the upper right corner of the screen) and select the option “Buy Bitcoin” if you want to buy a cryptocurrency and “Sell Bitcoin” if you need to sell;

4. Indicate the transaction amount and wallet;

5. Confirm the action in the wallet and on the site;

6. Now the system processes the request - you need to wait 15-20 minutes to complete the transaction.

If you tried sell or to buy bitcoin on the IQ Option website, but the transaction was not successful, we recommend:

• Check the quality of the Internet connection;

• Wait a little longer. If you make replenishment or payments for the first time, it may take several hours;

• Make sure that the wallet is synchronized with your account on the platform. Perhaps this transaction is considered risky and rejected. Correct the settings and repeat the operation;

• A trader can contact the support service for help. There are online chat on the site or email available for communication.

If the user has reached the age of majority, he can become a client of IQ Option. The procedure is free and takes a few minutes.

1. Visit the official website of the company and click the “start trading” button. Located at the top of the screen;

2. Indicate personal data (name, login, e-mail, password);

3. Accept the rules for using the service and check the email;

4. Follow the welcome link to complete the registration process.

Of course, there is no 100% instruction on how to make trading safe and profitable. But if the user follows these tips, the number of errors will be minimal.

1. Do not go all-in. The bet amount should not be more than 5% of the bank. And after a strip of failures, it is recommended to take a break and conduct a thorough analysis of the strategy. After errors are found, you can return to trading;

2. Transactions. An individual approach and a thorough analysis of each transaction will help make trading as efficient as possible. Study the news background and all available information;

3.Continue to study. Trading is developing, so read the news, learn new strategies and make the process more advanced and high-quality.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose