What is IOTA (MIOTA)? 

IOTA is a decentralized platform based on a new and little-known Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture. This, in turn, leads to the emergence of Tangle, a protocol that departs from the concept of blockchain and uses this new technology.

As a result, all devices that make up the IoT can perform automatic micropayments without additional transaction fees, and it is mainly distinguished by the architecture on which it was created.

This new type of design allows IOTA to operate in a completely different way from the blockchain network.

IOTA is an innovative project built for the potential needs of the Internet of Things (IoT). The main idea is nothing more than the unification of electronic devices and objects with access to the network into a single centralized network.

How does IOTA work?
How does IOTA work?

Thus, all of them will be able to process, collect data in real time and perform automated actions based on it. An example of such an activity would be making a payment, where IOTA should be the means by which this becomes possible.

The history of IOTA Foundation
The history of IOTA Foundation

Why DLT and not blockchain? 

To answer this question, the first thing to remember is that DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is a decentralized database managed by multiple participants.

In addition, they were originally designed to carry out transactions in a trusted environment. Blockchain, on the other hand, is designed to allow a community of participants who do not trust each other to reach consensus on the integrity and immutability of the overall transaction record, without relying on a trusted third party.

This immutability is the main strength and main weakness of the blockchain architecture. This makes it the preferred tool for financial transactions, but sometimes creates problems for the network to execute correctly.

Unlike blockchain, in DLT, each record has a unique timestamp and must be signed with a cryptographic signature. This is a guarantee of the security and integrity of the network, which makes fraud and manipulation difficult.

IOTA (MIOTA) trading platform
IOTA (MIOTA) trading platform

What are the characteristics of IOTA? 

Let's take a look at some of the main characteristics that define IOTA below:

  • No scalability limitations. Due to the fact that each subsequent transaction verifies the other two on the network, the system will adapt to the increasing use and popularity. So you don't have to worry about the block size.
  • Extremely fast transactions. Transactions are approved and processed by the users themselves, so there is no timeout. And the more users there are, the faster the claims appear.
  • Transaction approval occurs on a simplified version of Bitcoin's famous proof of work, although the amount of work required in IOTA is so small that virtually every device can confirm transactions. As a result, we get low network maintenance costs.
  • The platform does not use blocks on the network. The Tangle structure is based on DAG files. Hence, no mining or miners are required to validate the blockchain.
  • No mining involved. The network is constantly powered by the users themselves. Hence, it does not require miners or mining, unlike the blockchain network. In addition, all tokens are already on the market and there is no mining phenomenon in the project.
  • No transaction fees. By not requiring mining and therefore miners, transaction costs are minimized to the point that no transaction fees are required.
Advantages of IoTa
Advantages of IoTa

Does IOTA have security concerns? 

Unlike blockchain, where miners are responsible for the security of the network, in the IOTA system, each transaction requires a small amount of POW (proof of work) to secure the network.

Thus, the more transactions occur, the more secure the network. This means that Tangle's security is directly dependent on the number of transactions processed, and the security level cannot be adapted to real conditions.

However, its protocols have some serious security issues such as lateral obfuscation that can interrupt the transaction confirmation process.

This has led to a number of serious safety concerns despite tremendous advances and technological advances. The IOTA network is still in its experimental stage and requires extensive testing in the future to ensure it can be used as a machine-to-machine payment system for the Internet of Things.

How to buy IOTA (MIOTA)?
How to buy IOTA (MIOTA)?

How to buy IOTA (MIOTA)? 

The IOTA project became popular back in 2017. Then MIOTA was added to the listing of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite the problems that have arisen, MIOTA remains listed on the largest exchanges to this day. Therefore, it is very easy to buy IOTA or invest in IOTA.

By opening an account on any popular exchange, you can buy MIOTA.

How to invest in IOTA (MIOTA)? 

Investments involve a long-term investment of funds in an asset. In this case, invest in IOTA means that you will buy MIOTA for a long period of time. In this case, you need to take care of the safety of your investments.

It is necessary to take a very responsible approach not only to the choice of the exchange, but also to the storage wallet.

Buy IOTA is better on the top 10 exchanges. For example: 

1. Binance.

2. Okex.

3. Huobi and others. 

These exchanges have been operating on the market for a long time and have proven themselves only from the best side.

After you buy MIOTA, you need to transfer the cryptocurrency to a secure wallet. This will provide greater security and safety of your coins than if you keep them on the exchange.

How to start investing in IOTA (MIOTA)?
How to start investing in IOTA (MIOTA)?

Where to store IOTA (MIOTA)? 

There are now two main types of wallets: cold (offline - for example, hardware wallet, paper wallet for cryptocurrency) and hot (online wallet) storage.

The difference is that the former store digital coins offline, without access to the Internet. For example, on a special device or on a regular USB drive.

Hot wallets are mainly used for small storage or everyday use. Among the wallets for hot storage, there are ordinary (for example, a wallet built into the exchange) and multi-currency wallets for cryptocurrency wallets. A distinctive feature of the latter is the ability to store different coins in one place.

Cold storage methods are highly secure, but they are not very convenient to use, so this method is mainly used by those who want to store large amounts of cryptocurrency in a safe place. This is exactly what investors need who invest in cryptocurrency for a long period of time.

Not all hardware wallets support IOTA, but for example Trezor and Ledger (the most popular hardware wallets) support IOTA. Now this is probably the safest method of storing cryptocurrencies, not only IOTA.

How to open a demo or a real account
How to open a demo or a real account

Where to trade IOTA (MIOTA)? 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are primarily designed for the physical acquisition and exchange of cryptocurrencies. They are still not quite suitable for trading.

Yes, in recent years they have significantly expanded their functionality, added margin trading, non-deliverable instruments, etc., but in terms of convenience and functionality, they are still inferior to brokerage companies.

Take, for example, a trading terminal. On exchanges, the trading terminal has very poor functionality and is not intended for trading, especially for scalping and intraday trading.

Therefore, if you want to buy MIOTA for short-term speculation in order to capitalize on changes in the value of an asset in a short period of time, you should pay attention to brokerage companies.

Now, many brokerage companies have added cryptocurrencies to the list of traded instruments. Buy IOTA is not available in all companies, but popular brokers with a wide pool of liquidity aggregators provide an opportunity to trade IOTA.

It is important that by trading CFDs you can not only buy IOTA, but also sell the asset. This gives you additional benefits and profit opportunities.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

Security of IOTA (MIOTA) investments 

We have already written that the IOTA platform is under development and has experienced certain security problems in the past. In 2021, the developers introduced major changes that were designed to eliminate all the flaws in the platform.

However, if you decide to invest in IOTA, you should be aware that the development of the project is not yet complete. And perhaps the developers have not fixed all the vulnerabilities. This increases the risk somewhat when investing in IOTA.

Information about IOTA on the Investment platform
Information about IOTA on the Investment platform


Can you buy IOTA?

Invest in IOTA is available through any popular cryptocurrency exchange.

The project continues to develop, which simultaneously increases the investment risk, but also increases the likelihood of a good return.

You can buy IOTA through any popular cryptocurrency exchange.

Most exchanges do not directly deal with traditional money. 

You can buy IOTA through any popular cryptocurrency exchange.

At the peak of its popularity, the capitalization of the project dropped sharply due to the identified vulnerabilities.

Revealed vulnerabilities and successful hacker attacks put significant pressure on IOTA.

The recovery of the entire cryptocurrency market and massive IOTA upgrades have fueled MIOTA's recovery.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose