What is Qtum?

Qtum is a cryptocurrency that goes far beyond the conventional coin with its buy and sell potential. It is an efficient tool with the widest possible range of applications. The platform operates in a standard and modular fashion, creating contracts and applications that operate on most of the existing chains. Electronic currency Qtum is a real competitor to the leaders of the cryptocurrency rating. Its position is literally strengthening before our eyes, moreover, it has managed to demonstrate good dynamics even in the conditions of the market panic of the first months of 2018.Qtum (Quantum) combines block technology with a virtual ether machine. It allows developers to leverage the current blockchain to write smart contract applications. Qtum provides the ability to develop decentralized applications. The use of blockchain technology prevents any possibility of altering stored data. The core technology of (RHL)Qtum combines a fork of Bitcoin Core (an account abstraction layer that allows multiple virtual machines, including the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)) and a consensus of success aimed at solving industry cases use.

What is Qtum?
What is Qtum?

How to invest in Qtum?

Qtum is now a global project that aims to become a bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities, the real world and the blockchain world. It is now possible to execute smart contracts and run DApps simply and securely in environments that were not previously available to Ethereum, combining the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts. , with the stability and maturity of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The platform is designed with stability, modularity and interoperability in mind, which is why Qtum is the primary toolkit for building reliable decentralized applications suitable for real business-oriented applications. The Qtum foundation plans to become a public block business. The development efforts will allow the platform to be promoted in various industries such as: mobile communications, anti-counterfeiting, finance, industrial logistics (shipping, warranty, etc.) and manufacturing. There are several types of crypto investment right now, below we will look at the most common.

Qtum information
Qtum information


Mining in its classic version is not provided in Qtum. Here the developers decided to change the rules and presented the third generation PoS mining. 

The only possible way to mine QTUM is by owning tokens. The PoS system randomly selects validators for new blocks.

Due to the fact that this system is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol, computing power does not matter. The distribution of awards is arbitrary, so even large coin holders have no guarantees that they confirm the transaction. Every crypt holder has a chance, in this regard, no one will be able to become a monopolist and carry out a 51% attack.

In order for you to become a participant in PoS mining, you will need:

  • Install Qtum wallet.
  • Transfer coins to it that you will have to buy in the exchanger.
  • Wait until 500 blocks are revealed.
  • Is online and expect to receive a reward (for a two-minute block it will be 4 Qtum, not counting percentages).

It is also curious that they do not plan to change the size of the block reward over time. As well as not going to cancel the random distribution of the transaction.

The only possible way to mine QTUM is just to have these tokens
The only possible way to mine QTUM is just to have these tokens

Crypto exchanges and crypto wallets

You can also invest your money through the exchange and opening a crypto wallet.

Choosing a wallet is one of the key steps when working with cryptocurrencies. Companies provide a wide range of crypto wallets tailored for different needs: some clients are better suited for safe storage, while others are designed for convenience, but hardly suitable for storing large amounts. In general, a crypto wallet is a key tool in the circulation of digital currencies. Its main functions are the storage and transfer of coins, i.e. sending and receiving them. Also, with the help of a crypto wallet, you can buy goods and services, if such an opportunity is provided in the payment methods of the online store. Now it is worth noting that along with the increase in the number of users of crypto wallets, unfortunately, the attention of fraudsters to them also increases. Therefore, trusting personal funds to any storage, each user wants the service to provide him with their reliability and safety. Let's see what types of crypto wallets exist and how they differ from each other.

There are 5 types of cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Hardware (the only one that stores your keys on a removable media similar to a USB device. This autonomy makes them the safest and most reliable).
  • Mobile (The main advantage of mobile wallets is their availability. You can manage your funds without being tied to a specific place. But, unfortunately, this type of crypto wallets cannot boast of a high level of reliability. And besides hacking, when using mobile wallets, there is a risk of loss your device, as a result of which unauthorized persons can gain access to your cryptocurrency).
  • Online wallets (works in a similar way to mobile wallets, the only difference is that they are considered the least secure of all, since they are constantly connected to the Internet, which makes them a hot target for hackers).
  • Desktop (this type of wallet is the most widespread among users. They are convenient to use, have good functionality and are quite safe. Among the disadvantages are their cumbersomeness).
  • Paper wallets (As for this kind of wallets, they are completely protected from cyber attacks, however, they can be quite difficult to use, especially for beginners. Also, do not forget about the possibility of physically losing cryptocurrency, in the same way as you can lose a wallet with regular money).
Buy Qtum on the exchange
Buy Qtum on the exchange

Investing through online platforms

When working in the crypto world, you can earn crypto on online trading platforms. When choosing a platform, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Is it clear that the exchange is carrying out the withdrawal of funds.
  • The presence of reviews and the duration of the exchange's working life.
  • Commission information should not raise questions.
  • Traders' preference (the more they preferred one or another exchange, the better, respectively).

You can open a CFD contract on the online platform.

Invest in Qtum through an online broker
Invest in Qtum through an online broker

CFD contracts are a type of bet between two parties regarding the future value of a particular financial instrument (currency, stock, etc.), in which both parties undertake to settle an amount equal to the difference between the opening price and the closing price of a position. Hence the term "CFD".

In simple terms, if you buy such a contract and the price of the underlying instrument rises, you will receive the corresponding difference from the broker who sold it to you. On the other hand, if the price falls, the difference will be taken from your account.

On the platform, as an option, you can open a demo account. This account will be a kind of simulator for you, that is, it will allow you to get used to a certain broker, terminal, and practice. The amount on the deposit, as well as all losses and profits, are virtual. Investments here start from an amount of $ 1.


Staking is currently a cryptocurrency alternative to bank deposits - why is it profitable and why all major exchanges are now adding staking to their arsenal.

Staking is a passive way of income, in which users store their coins on a PoS algorithm, and this gives them the right to participate in mining and make a profit.

The essence of staking with is that in PoS-based blockchains, transactions processing and generating new blocks are performed by special trusted validator nodes. Accordingly, the more coins are stored on the validator's wallet, the more chances he has to get the right to create the next block. stacking support for all operations on the blockchain and helps the network to work, for which the validators are rewarded.

PoS protocol is used, which allows different virtual machines to interact with each other
PoS protocol is used, which allows different virtual machines to interact with each other

Qtum perspective?

QTUM is a very interesting and promising technology that is a real breakthrough in blockchain development.

The crypto coin now has a number of advantages that allow it to stand out among other cryptocurrency projects that are trying to gain popularity among participants in the crypto market.

The advantages are:

  • Targeted focus on representatives of the business segment of the crypto market;
  • High level of decentralization - thanks to the implementation of the DGP protocol, participants can vote on changes to the platform, as well as propose their projects. At the same time, the consent of the majority of the participants is required to activate the updates;
  • The team of the creators of the coin consists of experienced blockchain developers who have managed to become famous in the world of cryptocurrencies thanks to their advanced developments;
  • Full adaptation for use on mobile devices;
  • The use of master contracts, which have a number of advantages and advanced solutions in comparison with smart contracts used within the Ethereum crypto network;
  • Strong financial support from the main partners of the project, who are the largest players in the cryptocurrency market, as well as the market for advanced IT technologies.
Buy Qtum via trading platform
Buy Qtum via trading platform

Considering the TOP tool in the ratings, it can be purchased in many countries. It is sold on many exchanges. Strong financial support from the main partners of the project, who are the largest players in the cryptocurrency market, as well as the market of advanced IT technologies to note that it is a strong structure that integrates artificial harmony between the business world and the real world into reality and successfully implements it.

The most important advantage of this coin is its hybrid structure, which allows combining the main advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum in one project. 

Therefore, the prospect of the Qtum cryptocurrency entirely depends on the subsequent implementation of new technical solutions that can attract the attention of the user community. Analysts point out that the stage of completion of the correction of the Qtum exchange rate quotes is now taking place, so now is a good time to invest the available free funds in this crypto project. according to QTUM, then this token should show good growth. At the same time, some observers of the crypto market predict an increase in the value of the token at the level of 200-300 percent. Of course, one should not unconditionally believe such forecasts as no one has yet learned how to accurately predict the direction of development of cryptocurrency projects due to their high volatility.

Even if you are not going to invest your funds, we believe that it would be useful for you to follow this crypto, because its growth trends impress many experts in the crypto world.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose