USDT or Tether is the leader among all stablecoins. It was developed as a cryptographically secured asset backed by the US dollar at a 1-to-1 ratio. As a result, the coin is available on multiple blockchain networks, and the cryptocurrency community has seen significant growth in its trading volume over the past few years.

USDT, like other stablecoins, is a lucrative asset for cryptocurrency trading, as it gives traders protection from the market volatility inherent in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, using stablecoins eliminates additional costs and delays in conversion between cryptocurrency and fiat.

Tether is the most famous stablecoin
Tether is the most famous stablecoin

This article will explain what this cryptocurrency is and why people buy USDT.

About Tether

Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency is the first world's  stablecoin (a cryptocurrency whose value is linked  to fiat currency). Tether, called Realcoin initially, was launched by Brock Pierce, bitcoin investor  in 2014, entrepreneur Reeve Collins and programmer Craig Sellers. The first USDT was issued on the Bitcoin protocol via Omni Layer, but Tether has implemented other blockchains. In 2021, the bulk of its offering is based on Ethereum in the ERC-20 token format, but Tether has also been released on TRON, Algorand, EOS, , Solana and OMG Network blockchains.

Ideally, Tether should always be worth $1 (Tether - USD USDT exchange rate always: 1 tether = $1) on all exchanges. However, in practice, the price tends to fluctuate slightly.

It was pretty volatile in the first years, at some points even reaching the $1.2 mark, but since the beginning of 2019, the coin has become less volatile. It can be assumed that this is due to increased trading volume and the general development of cryptocurrency markets.

Description and characteristics of Tether altcoin: USDT is what currency

Tether token, according to the technical documentation, has the following features:

  • It is instantly issued as soon as the user transfers the equivalent dollar amount to the company's account;
  • As soon as the amount is withdrawn to the user's account, the coins are cancelled;
  • Can be stored, used similarly to Bitcoin, Lightcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
Tether functions on a BTC blockchain
Tether functions on a BTC blockchain

In case you want to buy Tether, it is worth knowing a vital point. The developers emphasise that USDT Tether holders should not associate them entirely with dollars. The licensing agreement stresses that the cryptocurrency is not fiat money in its electronic form.

The creators used the Proof-of-Reserves method (an alternative to Proof-of-Solvency), which translates to "proof of reserve".

The booking process is carried out as follows: 

The requested USDT amount is subjected to a Block Explorer check using special tools. That dollar amount, the counterpart of the coins being purchased, is immediately confirmed with the bank accounts. In addition, the company periodically audits the cash so that users can ensure that their investments are safe and secure.

Not only can coin holders use the dollar equivalent, but they can also choose euros or any other world currency.

Generalised USDT characteristic:

  • Market capitalization: $62,500,000,000.
  • Rating on CoinMarketCap: #3.
  • Number of coins circulating in the market: 62.47 billion.
  • The minimum price for the entire period: $0.572521 (March 2, 2015).
  • The maximum price for the whole period: $1.21 (May 27 2017).
In the cryptocurrency market, stablecoins perform as a buffer
In the cryptocurrency market, stablecoins perform as a buffer

Pros and cons of USDT

So, there are some significant advantages of USDT. Anyone who wants to buy Tether should familiarise themselves with the advantages and disadvantages of the digital currency. 

Importante advantages of USDT are:

  • Stability. Exchange rate of Tether USD  can fluctuate no more than 2-3%;
  • Each stablecoin equals one unit of fiat currency by its face value;
  • The ratio is 1:1 (US dollar to stablecoin USDT); 
  • Available on a variety of blockchains; 
  • Different use cases compared to traditional currencies;
  • Cryptographic security; 
  • Decentralisation, transparency and openness to everyone; 
  • Accessibility to individuals and companies on the same terms.

Disadvantages of USDT:

  • Increased scrutiny by public authorities because of the peg to the dollar;
  • If the dollar is subjected to inflationary processes, the value and credibility of USDT will also be compromised.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of this cryptocurrency. 

Naturally, there are two sides to the coin. When an interested party wants to buy Tether, all factors must be considered. 

How does Tether work?
How does Tether work?

Why is it needed? 

Since much of the interest in cryptocurrencies has to do with their price fluctuations, it begs the question: why do we need a cryptocurrency whose main characteristic is a fixed value? No ups, downs or bubbles - a very strange cryptocurrency. 

As we know, the dollar's purchasing power (like any other fiat currency) is gradually decreasing due to inflation. Thus, investing in Tether makes no sense - it is like a deposit and a risky one at 0% per annum.

So, if Tether carries more risks than a regular cryptocurrency and doesn't generate income, why use it? 

The fact is that Tether is extremely useful  as an alternative to fiat money for investors and traders   - for several reasons at once. You will now learn why you should buy USDT. 


1. Centralised Exchanges (CEX) use Stablecoin to introduce fiat currencies into the market without agreeing with a bank. This eliminates the middleman and reduces bureaucracy. Moreover, stablecoin transactions are faster and cheaper than bank transactions. Most of the pairs on cryptocurrency exchanges are traded precisely to the digital version of the dollar.

2. Thanks to USDT, large investors can bring large amounts of money to the market. This will allow them to invest in other coins in the future.

3. Usability in different spheres. The platform allows exchanges, payment services, wallets, ATMs to easily use tokens, as they are bound to the USD exchange rate (send, store, receive). In addition, the crypto coin is integrated into most major platforms.

4. The platform adheres to 100% transparency. Information about the status of reserves is updated every day.

5. Gives an opportunity to secure funds. By converting other cryptocurrencies to Tether, buying Tether by selling another cryptocurrency, an investor can wait out a period of volatility, a drop in prices on the market. Then, when the situation stabilises, they can invest in coins again. 

USDT offers opportunities  to secure funds
USDT offers opportunities to secure funds

6. All types of transactions are made through a distributed ledger. It guarantees security and transparency. In addition, the platform owners adhere to international regulations and standards when it comes to protecting these transactions.

7. Stablecoin's exchange rate is stable because of its peg to the dollar. As a result, the coin, backed by real assets, could potentially occupy a fiat niche in countries with unstable economies and soft national currencies.

Here are the opportunities USDT offers if you are considering buying or investing in Tether. 

Where to buy Tether (USDT) 

Most transactions are made through centralised exchanges, which are ranked among the top 10 in terms of capitalisation. This option is suitable even for a beginner. So if you want to buy Tether, choose a convenient and reliable exchange like Binance. 

Binance is one of the most used wallets, all kinds of Tether are supported
Binance is one of the most used wallets, all kinds of Tether are supported

How to store Tether

Tether cryptocurrency storage is possible on cryptocurrency wallets, which are digital keys with the ability to access different currencies. Today, there are two wallets - "cold" and "hot". More about them in detail:

Cold wallets are physical devices that look like flash drives. This is not a bad option, being the safest. Wallets of this type do not require access to the Internet. Experienced exchangers prefer to store Tether and other cryptocurrencies in cold wallets. They offer the highest level of security, and transactions are secure.

Hot wallets. These are separate programs for PCs or different sites.

Tether tokens is an alternative to traditional currency deposit and withdrawal methods
Tether tokens is an alternative to traditional currency deposit and withdrawal methods


Staking is a way of passive income where users store coins on a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and ensure that the blockchain works. This gives them the right to make a profit. This feature is only available to cryptocurrencies that run on PoS. If you are planning to invest in Tether, staking is a great opportunity. 

Staking replaces mining and makes it possible to mine new blocks without processing power. The point of staking is to ensure all transactions are on the blockchain and keep the network running. For this, holders of digital coins are rewarded. The more tokens a holder has, the more likely they will become the creator of a new block.

You can stake or lend Tether  tokens  to earn on cryptocurrency
You can stake or lend Tether tokens to earn on cryptocurrency

Prospects of USDT as cryptocurrency

You already know what USDT is. So, in theory, Tether can be withdrawn into dollars at any time via the USDT project platform. But the rules say that USDT does not refer to real money or instruments. So the project says that there is no obligation to withdraw tokens into fiat. Furthermore, the user is not guaranteed exchange, protection, refunds for transactions.

The company uses this method to ensure against permanent restrictions, but there is a risk of losing real collateral. Tether is a cryptocurrency with a secure and transparent network.

If you want to use Tether, do so with caution. Only make short trades and transfers with USDT. If you need to convert a large amount, break it up into several pieces to reduce risk.

Tether has a future. Tether is a good project that is an intermediary between cryptocurrency and fiat money. It allows you to quickly deposit funds into the crypto environment and make purchases of specific cryptocurrencies to generate income in the future. Learn, calculate the risks and earn! 

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose