In the modern world, trading in the asset market is a popular way to make money. This is because platform users can earn income without leaving their homes, using the Internet. Thus, clients independently choose the time and activity of the work that needs to be done to earn the required amount of funds.

This also means that the user of the platform will have enough free time, which he can spend as he wishes. Trading with an online broker allows you to be independent and create your own workflow. This is perfect for people who want to get out of their bosses.

How to be VIP at IQ Option?

An IQ Option VIP account is desirable for platform clients who want to receive trading benefits that can increase their income levels. Also, when using these accounts, it is possible to improve working conditions, which can lead to an increase in profits.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

Using the platform itself means receiving funds by trading assets in the financial markets.

How to become VIP in IQ Option? First of all, the user needs to register on the platform. To do this, the client needs to enter data in the provided fields, such as an active email address or phone number, as well as a password that must be thought up and remembered to enter the system.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

All data that will be used during the registration process will primarily prevent fraudsters from entering your personal account. So, all attached documents, contact phone number or personal mail, will help protect all data in the user account, as well as funds stored on the account. Therefore, platform users are advised to check the input data before confirming their authenticity.

To create an account with benefits, it is necessary to meet some requirements, such as, for example, the size of the user's trading turnover during the month, as well as replenishing the account with a certain amount as an initial deposit. In order to become a user of a VIP account in IQ Option, you must meet these requirements, which is not a difficult condition for starting the work of experts in trading.

The amount of the deposit to create an account with benefits, and the required monthly trading volume, may vary depending on the client's country of residence. In order to find out the exact data, the user can use the technical support of customers. This service is available on the platform around the clock and will soon provide the necessary data for the client after contact.

Use technical support
Use technical support

Benefits of this status

Many additional privileges and features become available as soon as the client opens an account with benefits, which is why the majority of platform users seek to improve the status of their account. Any client will be able to evaluate the benefits of this account individually, but for this you first need to try. If the changes are not significant for the user, he can always return to his normal mode of operation:

  • The benefits of this account include free participation in tournaments held by the broker. Tournaments are held in order to create a competitive event between users, in order to give them the opportunity to show their skills and earn more income during this period. Tournaments are also available for clients, which are held only for VIP account users. There are paid and free tournaments for regular account clients, and for VIP account holders in IQ Option, they are available for free.
  • Also, trading on an account with benefits is accompanied by a personal account manager. For the client, it becomes easier to concentrate on generating income through trading in the asset market when there is an opportunity to get help from a personal specialist. The duties of a personal manager include advising the user of the platform on any issues. This means that the client can contact a specialist and receive timely assistance.
  • The third advantage is the higher percentages of returns on binary options. That is, you can trade more efficiently!


Why choose IQ Option?

Now you know how to be VIP at IQ Option. Next, consider the functionality of the platform. This platform has been operating since 2014 and throughout the years of its work, it has a solid place in the ranking of the best online brokers in all countries. The platform has been providing its services with high quality for 8 years and has established itself among experts in the world of trading as one of the best platforms for generating income.

By itself, a trading terminal is software, thanks to which the client has the opportunity to obtain visual information regarding price changes in the market and at the same time allows you to analyze and create transactions. For this, there are special keys that are always highlighted, among the many functions of the terminal, they are designated "Buy" and "Sell".

IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards

In addition to the terminal, the user also has access to a personal account that was created during registration, as well as all the functions that are in the account menu. If the client is not able to get constant access to a laptop or computer, then he can use a mobile phone or tablet. The user can go to the application store on his device, whether it be IOS or Android, and install a free application, thanks to which he will be able to access not only his personal account, but also the trading terminal.

Thanks to this, the client will always be able to start trading, or control already open transactions, having a trading terminal in his pocket.

The platform is also available in a mobile version
The platform is also available in a mobile version

Demonstrative account

A training account is given to all users of the platform and helps to hone their trading skills without using their own funds. To work on such an account, the broker provides the amount of fictitious funds 10000$ for its clients. This is the only difference between it and a real account on the platform. So the broker's client has the opportunity to improve his skills by spending the amount of time he needs to train.

IQ Option offers its clients a free and perpetual demo account, something not all online brokers can boast of. Usually, a limited amount of time is given to use such an account.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Tools for trading

Everything that allows the client to make profitable and safe trading in the terminal can be called trading tools. Usually they are not much different on all trading platforms, so when changing a broker, the client does not have to get used to something new.

To perform a correct analysis of the price movement, in order to open a profitable transaction, clients set up the chart type, timeframe in the terminal, and also use suitable graphic symbols on the chart itself, clearly helping to draw the right conclusion. This is the standard procedure before the start of the trading process.

The most popular methods of technical analysis are the so-called indicators, any user has access to them, even on a demo account. Their essence lies in the functions that are based on the patterns of movement in the price of assets, so they give some signal in the form of intersections of two lines or other designations, during a successful entry into a transaction.

Get access to different types of financial markets
Get access to different types of financial markets

Trading on this platform is based on the CFD method, the so-called "Contract for Difference". With a specialization in this method, the platform makes it possible to profit from fluctuations in the price of an asset, while there is no need to own the asset itself. This method is possible due to the volatility of assets.

During trading, the client uses technical analysis of the price movement, after which he determines the future direction of its movement, whether it will decrease or increase. If the analysis showed that the price of the selected asset will go down, then the user opens a deal for sale, thus getting the difference between the amount of opening a deal and closing it. The same system occurs when the price rises.

This trading method is very popular due to its high profitability and ease of use. At the same time, the user can also increase the income received using leverage, as well as work with various types of assets provided by the platform.

Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform
Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform

How to make profitable trading?

Since trading in marketable assets has already been used for years, this method of generating income is very popular in the world.

Despite the profitability, this type of income has its own risks when using it, so experts advise to be prepared and not to succumb to excitement while working. In order to reduce risks, brokers are encouraged to use their platforms, as the client will be able to find everything they need in the terminal to avoid entering a losing trade. It is also important to choose an effective strategy that can be worked out on a practice account.

The analysis of the price movement performed by the client will help to reduce the opening of risky transactions and, as a result, the loss of funds, so it is also important to understand this for any user.

In order to be able to safely increase their income, it is important for the client to correctly use the functions provided on the platform. It can also help the user become an expert in trading in the future.

You can develop your trading skill and start making profit right now!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose