Key points:

  1. What's binary options?
  2. How binary options work?
  3. Where to trade binary options?
  4. Which binary options broker is best?
  5. Binary options with no deposit

1.   What’s binary options?

Binary options are a unique type of financial instrument because that can return your investment with a payout or no return at all. Traders must estimate only whether the value of an asset will increase or decrease. If the prediction is correct then they win, otherwise they lose everything. A successfully predicted trade earns returns based on the invested amount. If the trader predicts incorrectly, he loses all the investment. 

This is a form of derivative trading because traders are never actually owning the asset but rather trading on the changing value of it.

2.   How binary options work?

These options are easy to understand and work with. This makes them very appealing to all types of traders. All traders must do with a binary option is predict the direction an underlying asset’s price will move in the market. 

Binary options have a time limit attached that dictate when each trade will automatically expire, resulting in either a win or a loss. Traders set this time frame which allows them to completely control when and how they trade. They select their investment amount and then pick higher or lower for the trade to start. Since it is derivative based trading, users can only trade when the selected asset’s market is open. With IQ Option there are many assets available so there is always something to trade, even on the weekends.

3.   Where to trade binary options?

To discover a good place to begin trading binary options, traders must first select preferred features of a broker they want to be available. Features like a wide range of assets, which diversify trading options. Demo mode that provides virtual money to practice trading. Efficient support teams that are always available to help. Various options to withdraw money and fastest time of withdrawal.

IQ Option provides an intuitive interface and environment inviting to trade. There also are all the features listed above and many more, including a friendly, multilingual support team available 24/7 or any time a trader needs them.

4.   Which binary options broker is best?

IQ Option is a top platform because it has all the most important features for binary options trading. This begins with a low minimum deposit - $10. A demo mode is filled with illimited virtual money to provide practice for new traders. A lot of different assets are available and provide diversity for binary options traders. If traders want access to the market through their mobile phone, then the IQ Option app definitely will not disappoint them.

Another important factor is the amount of payment services available. To make any deposit or withdrawal traders need to have access to the necessary systems to make and receive these transfers. Payment services like PayPal and Skrill are ones of the most popular. However, IQ Option allows traders to use a wide range of different payment services.

5.  Trade binary options without deposit

Traders looking for binary options without making a deposit are invited to try out the binary options demo account mode available on the platform. Demo mode includes a refillable virtual account that can be switched to a regular at any time.

Traders cannot withdraw funds from the options trading demo account, but they can practice trading as much as they want. This is great for understanding binary options and improving trading skills. Once traders feel comfortable with demo options trading, they can start trading with real money using a minimum deposit of $10.

The user can choose the shares of any companies, currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrency, raw materials, precious metals
The user can choose the shares of any companies, currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrency, raw materials, precious metals

The Internet gives you access to binary options trading, and professional users earn big money every day at all times. 

The first step is to find a responsible broker who will provide protection and the best trading opportunities. IQ Option is an excellent choice.

 The story of seven years of success

The company IQ Option became known in 2013 for the first time. 

The exchange was then registered on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and received an international license. In 2013, trading was already popular, and it seemed that the platform would have to cope with strong competition. 

Seven years later, the company is one of the best binary options brokers. 

Such success was made possible due to our reliability and a responsible attitude towards users. Today, IQ Option's customers are more than 40 million people, and transactions worth more than $300 million are made here every month.

IQ Option is one of the best options trading platform
IQ Option is one of the best options trading platform

 IQ Option  binary options broker Benefits

Option trading

Many traders believe that the IQ Option platform is the best options trading platform. 

This is a popular opinion about options trading because the company offers excellent conditions to both beginners and professional users.


Seven years is a wealth of experience, and the company has an excellent reputation among customers. Over 40 million have already evaluated the quality of the service and selected it for binary trading;


Modern programs are used to protect traders from online scammers. Using a special dynamic code, all passwords from the account and transaction information are encrypted;

 Great site

The official website of IQ Option has a nice design that does not tire your eyes and allows you to spend several hours on the site without feeling tired. Moreover, the site has several language versions, which is important if you do not know English;


Excellent functionality will allow you to quickly register, find the desired section and start binary options trading. This is convenient because not all clients have rich computer experience;

 Easy start

The registration procedure is free and available for all traders who have reached the age of 18 years. The minimum deposit is $10, and the minimum transaction size is $1. Therefore, any user can easily start making money on binary options;

 Selection of tools

There are many IQ Option binary options. 

The company offers the user a huge set of assets for trading (more than three hundred). 

The user can choose the shares of any companies, currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrency, raw materials, precious metals and earn money on this;

 Information section

Best options trading platform - On the official website of the IQ Option there is a special section that contains useful information for beginners. Here the user can learn what binary options are, as well as read about the features of successful strategies and tips from professional traders;

 Demo account

The client has the opportunity to open a demo account and receive a deposit of 10,000 virtual dollars. This money is used to make transactions. This opportunity helps to study all the features of binary options trading and choose the most effective strategy without the risk of losing real money;


This procedure is mandatory for each trader when withdrawing money. Verification ensures that the profit from trading will be received by the real user and not the fraudster who stole his account;


Binary trading can bring huge profits. Each successful transaction is comprised of 70-80% of the starting capital. The platform quickly closes transactions, so several successful transactions can be completed per day, and profits reach 200-300%;


IQ Option offers a variety of deposit options. A trader can use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), an electronic wallet (PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller) or cryptocurrency;

 Wide settings

Each chart can be configured for maximum convenience and efficiency. As the best online trading platform, it allows you to add the necessary signals and indicators;


The VIP account gives users additional benefits. Premium clients have the opportunity to participate in special tournaments, receive a higher percentage of profit from transactions, priority on payment of profits, receive the help of a personal manager 24/7, etc.

IQ binary options trading view
IQ binary options trading view

 Binary trading F.A.Q.

 What are binary options?

A binary option is any asset offered by a company. Today, a trader can choose from a large number of options: company stocks, securities, precious metals, currencies and currency pairs, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

This is a speculative financial transaction made on the stock exchange, and most often in the OTC market. Formally, a transaction consists in paying the seller a certain option value, with a pre-determined right to receive for the buyer, and an obligation for the seller to pay in the future, a fixed amount upon the occurrence of conditions also previously agreed upon after the transaction - for example, raising/lowering the price of an option object. Otherwise, the buyer of the option loses all invested funds.
 For example, trader may choose a package worth $1,000 and predicted an increase in its value over a certain period (1, 5, 10, 30 minutes). At the same time, he may make a deal for $50. If the securities fall in price, the trader will lose only this money, even if the option completely depreciates. On the other hand, if you purchase the same purchase option, then with a 30% increase in the price of shares, the profit on the option will be: (1300-1000)-50= 250, or 500%.

Some binary options brokers and offline exchanges work on a standard schedule. Venues in London, Tokyo, New York are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. But IQ Option works 24/7 without breaks and days off (access to the Forex site is not available on Saturday and Sunday). This advantage allows the trader to conclude transactions at any convenient time. Earning on binary options can be a hobby that brings additional income or the main source of profit.

Of course, many users make big profits thanks to binary options trading. The asset rate changes every minute, and the IQ Option platform quickly processes all transactions. Therefore, an experienced trader can conclude several successful contracts per day and earn big money. We also recommend visiting the information section to learn more about binary options trading and open a demo account for training.Ы

It is very simple - just take a few steps.
1. Visit the company's official website and click on the “Sign up” button located at the top of the screen;
2. Fill out the form and indicate personal information (username, a password for entry, e-mail);
3. Agree to the terms and conditions of the company;
4. Follow the welcome link (a special letter should come to your e-mail);
It is worth saying that this procedure is available only to customers who have reached the age of 18 years. We also encourage you to read the terms of use and privacy policy documents to learn more about the company's responsibilities and user rights.

There are several types of trading that IQ Option offers to  trader.
• Call/Put. In this case, the trader must determine in which direction the value of the selected asset will move - increase (Call) or decrease (Put). The expiration time is also selected. If the forecast is correct, the client makes a profit;
• One-touch/No-touch. The platform offers the trader to predict whether the value of the asset will reach a certain value. Usually, the payouts here are higher. This is because they are associated with much more risks. While the average payout for Call/Put deals is 85%, for One Touch deals, payouts can reach 200%;
• Range. The user defines the upper and lower bounds for the asset. If the value remains within this framework after the expiration date, the transaction is successful;
• Turbo option. High-risk transactions, where the expiration time is 60 seconds. They work on the principle of Call/Put options, but here a fixed period is one minute;
• Trading in pairs. The trader selects a pair of assets and predicts how the value of one option will change relative to another. The right decision is profitable.

To get maximum profit, you need to find the ideal position between high-risk turbo options and “slow” strategies with a long expiration time. Optimal and popular options are presented below.
Title                              Signal accuracy        Efficiency         Profit
Binary gambit           Low                               High                    High
Orange                         Medium                      Very high          High
60 second-profit     Medium                      High                    Very high
Five minutes              High                             Very high          Medium
Three RSI                     High                             High                    Very high
Three windows        Low                               Medium            High
Parallel lines              Medium                      Medium            High
Bollinger bands       High                               High                    High

Statistics say that not all traders are successful investors. But if you adhere to the rules, then you can get more profit from transactions on the IQ Option.
1. Use the information. A professional user is constantly learning and progressing. Therefore, it is necessary to read articles, tips of successful traders, learn new strategies, etc .;
2. Analyze each transaction. A correctly selected option and qualitative analysis will increase the effectiveness of trading. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the news background, quotes, forecasts, etc .;
3. The correct selection of tools. A quality robot helps make trading as efficient as possible. But you need to monitor its settings and adjust them;
4. Complexity. Constant profitability is ensured thanks to a good trading system, and not to separate successful transactions. Therefore, a professional trader should plan a long-term strategy and work correctly with the bank. The amount of one transaction should not be more than 5%;
5. Stay calm and suppress your emotions. Remember that a professional trader does not go all-in after a strip of failed trades. It is better to take a break and analyze the situation. This will help you find the cause of your failure and draw appropriate conclusions.

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