True and false statements concerning the industry

The most widespread myths concerning the foreign exchange market are as follows:

  Myth 1. The sphere is similar to gambling.

This sphere actually requires a profound understanding of instruments and strategies. Luck is not the key to success. Professionalism and deep comprehension of all mechanisms are.

 Myth 2. Newcomers inevitably lose their money.

Losses are truly frequent but some reliable brokers offer a demo account for newcomers. Beginners train their skills by practising with virtual money that can be refilled for free.

 Myth 3. Special financial education is required.

Every beginner investor is able to comprehend the main trends and instruments of the sphere, this knowledge will be continuously improved as time goes on.

Reading up on the relevant literature, watching educational videos and practicing your skills is enough to begin with.

Download IQ Option app and start trading now
Download IQ Option app and start trading now

 Spreading of the Forex market to new destinations

This market attracts more and more participants from all over the world while South East Asia is the most attractive destination for the sphere. 

This region has several countries with rapidly growing economies, therefore, people there are looking for new prospective  instruments to invest their funds with. 

Сompanies limit the leverage level by 20:1 following the demands of MAS, therefore, minimum deposits usually start at 100 USD while IQ Option offers deposits of at least $10. This minimizes the risks of the client. Thus, trading is a rather promising prospect and investors are free to select a broker, whether a national or a foreign one. 

The only demand lies in the necessity of paying taxes according to the current legislature. 

The minimal tax rate in the country is 2% for citizens and foreigners who earn less than 30 000 SGD (21 000 USD) annually, while the maximal tax rate is 20% for individuals whose annual income exceeds the amount of 320 000 SGD (230 000 USD). Thus, by following those simple rules, investors avoid any problems with legislature.

Download IQ Option app for mobile
Download IQ Option app for mobile

 IQ Option trade platform: the mix of reliability and innovations

There exist numerous brokers but the majority of both beginners and experienced market participants call IQ Option platform as the most user-friendly one that protects the rights of its clients. 

In fact, most brokers protect their own interests while our platform truly takes care of users. 

 The following pros can be distinguished:

  •          The broker is licensed therefore users are protected from the legislative viewpoint while their funds are stored in a European bank.
  •          The platform is interested in bringing about profits for its clients creating perfect conditions for beginners. New entries are also offered a training account. Thus, the trading process will be learned in a practical manner instead of in a theoretical manner. Different educational videos help to answer any questions. Furthermore, beginners can communicate with other participants through live chat.
  •          The minimal deposit amount is just 10 USD and multiple ways of depositing and withdrawing funds are offered.
  •          The platform  has received several awards and is recognized as the best broker for binary trading; IQ Option also allows cfd and cryptocurrencies to be traded.
  •          To get the most extended functionality, users can download IQ Option apps for their devices.

 IQ Option app for PC: professional trade room at your service

On the one hand, the online version is rather convenient for users but on the other hand, the PC version has impressed both new entries and professionals with many years of experience.

When involved in trading process professionally, the app saves time, which is considered as the most valuable resource nowadays. There is no necessity to open your browser and visit the official webpage. Just click a desktop icon to start marketing instantly.

 Among the main advantages of the app the following ones should be pointed out:

1.      The company is updated with the times, therefore users are suggested to perform the IQ Option new version download (4.0). This version is based on Web GL technology, therefore, all processes are performed more rapidly. Users can see instant changes of rates and therefore react to them immediately.

2.      Experienced market participants get a professional trade room with individual settings. Up to nine graphs may be displayed on a screen while a user may change their size or location, thereby controlling the trading process maximally. For new entries, such functionality becomes extremely convenient as well.

3.      16 technique analysis options (MA, MACD, etc.) make your predictions the most precise, thereby affecting the trading process positively.

4.      User-friendliness of this app is maximal. Developers took into account the demands and preferences of users, therefore, you are able to select your preferred color scheme. Nothing should distract or annoy you while earning money.

5.      Each user gets a personal VIP manager for solving any problems in the simplest manner. The manager speaks the language each user prefers.

That is a list of just some advantages that users get after the IQ Option download for their PC or laptop. The world trade community recognizes this app as the best one for trading right now.

Trading history IQ Option
Trading history IQ Option

 System requirements for downloading the last version of IQ Option app

The IQ Option download for PC is offered for Windows and macOS but you should check that your devices correspond to the demanded requirements.

The app can be installed on devices equipped by 2 GB random access memory and Windows of at least 7 version or macOS of at least Yosemite 10.10 version.

Users who demand IQ Option download for Windows should have DirectX 9 (or a later version) installed on their devices. Speaking of macOS, the system should maintain Open Gl technology 2.0.

This app demands just 130 Mb ROM therefore it can be installed to devices equipped by SSDs.

 How to install IQ Option apps: step-by-step instructions

The app should be downloaded from the official website of our company. 

Applications are available to be downloaded without signing in but marketing is not available until a user is logged into the system.

Step 1. Pick ‘For traders’ from the upper left corner menu and then select ‘Download App’. The download menu will be opened and  you can select your preferred variant.

Step 2. Click on ‘Download for macOS’ or ‘Download for Windows’ depending on which operating system your device uses. After clicking on the preferred variant, the installation file will be downloaded to your device.

Step 3. To download the app for Windows, you need to open the installation file and follow all stages of installation, then click ‘Finish’ at the end. You may also install desktop and start menu icons if you wish to do so. To download the app for macOS, the file should be transferred to the folder ‘Applications’ and then opened, before following all the stages of installation.

Step 4. To start marketing, a user must insert their email address and password to log in the system. Once logged in, you will be remembered.

 Problems of IQ Option app installing

While installing apps for your devices, some problems are sometimes faced.

Some users complain about their antivirus software blocking the app. This problem is solved easily. Add your application to the list of excluded apps when updating your software.

Users who download the app for macOS may face the problem when their system doesn’t support Open GI technology. Such problems can be solved by visiting the official site of your video card’s producer to download the latest drivers. If the problem still exists, the technology is not supported by the video card.

Remember that if you are experiencing any problems with the application’s installation, you are always welcome to call our customer support service and get answers for all your questions. The support service is available 24/7.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose