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What is the IQ Option APP for Windows? 

Modern technology is changing people's lives for the better. All spheres of life have been modernized in one way or another by technology. The sphere of finance, especially trading. The main tool for working on the financial markets is the trading platform, so its choice affects the success of the trader in currency trading. 

A trading terminal is the software enabling its user to access trading and off-exchange operations in real time. Many modern terminals also have tools for technical analysis (evaluation of price movement) and fundamental analysis (evaluation of an asset or company).

Take a video tutorial on the platform
Take a video tutorial on the platform

Many brokers allow you to make transactions only through the browser. IQ Option allows you to install its own platform on your computer, the reviews of which are mostly positive.

IQ Option is an application for Windows, developed by the broker of the same name. It allows you to buy and sell shares of companies using CFDs, as well as currencies of different countries, cryptocurrencies, etc. New traders can evaluate the functionality of the application free of charge by creating a practice account.


Users say that the interface is intuitive, which means that every trader quickly gets used to the visual layout and can easily find the necessary function. 

Now you can trade more comfortably and faster without having to launch your browser. It is recommended to INSTALL and USE IQ Option for PC Windows in trading!

To change the background of the platform, you can choose one of the themes offered by the broker. There are altogether 4 themes. To do this, go to the settings using the main menu or by clicking on the gear at the bottom of the screen, on the right hand side. 


The central part of the application IQ Option for PC Windows contains the price chart and the list of assets available for trading. Clicking on the "+" sign will open the list of available assets. On the right side are all the deal settings (amount, multipliers, pending orders, buy and sell buttons). On the left is the menu of the platform itself, news, video tutorials, trading history, chats, tournaments, etc. In the "Market Analysis" section, you can find information about the most popular assets at the moment. It also gathers the latest economic news and shows their impact.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment

The interface of the terminal is based on dynamic charts which show how the price of the traded assets develops online. You can also change the size of the charts, adjusting them to your needs and displaying larger or smaller ones. You may have up to 9 different asset charts open at the same time.

A handy feature is that in the left-hand side of the screen, there is a special indicator, which shows the market mood of the asset traded by the trader, which additionally helps to make the right decision to enter the market.

Our qualified customer support team can help you with technical questions. You can reach them by phone, through a special form on the broker's website, or by email.


  • Minimum thresholds to trade. Deals starting at $1;
  • Opportunity to trade Stocks, Commodities, Crypto-currencies and Currency Pairs from one account;
  • The trading process is simplified as much as possible, so novice traders will not have any difficulties in operation;
  • Adapted to the most popular operating systems;
  • Flexible configuration of price charts;
  • Secure trading account;
  • A large price chart (you can change the scale, timeframe, background and chart type);
  • Technical analysis tools (including indicators).
Read the latest news in your app
Read the latest news in your app

It is not difficult to deal with the application. The company's specialists simplified the interface as much as possible, extending the functionality of the trading area at the same time. Application clients have more and more possibilities and tools for market analysis.

The toolbar located in the bottom left corner of the price chart provides a number of useful features:

  • Chart type - you can change the type of the price chart of the asset (4 options);
  • Time period - time frame or timescale (if you select the chart type - "Candlestick chart", the value in "interval" will indicate the time per candlestick);
  • Graphic tools - various levels, lines, etc;
  • Indicators - a set of technical indicators.

Types of charts

Charts are the base in all markets. Without them, you would not know how the price has developed, what forces are prevailing on the market or how the market reacts to the changing micro environment.  There are 4 types of charts in the IQ Option for Windows PC application:

  • The simplest type of price chart is the line chart. These charts are based solely on closing prices of an instrument over a certain period of time. 
  • Bars. Such charts are more informative in comparison with linear charts. Bars are a series of vertical lines each illustrating price changes over a period of time.
  • Japanese candlesticks. This is probably the most popular chart type in technical analysis of both traditional financial assets and cryptocurrencies. Each candlestick on it reflects the price movement over a certain period of time (timeframe). The main elements of a candlestick are the opening and closing prices, as well as the high and low, which form the 'body' of the candlestick. The last two are important components of the shadow of a candle.
  • The Heiken-Ashi chart is also called the Heiken-Ashi candlestick chart. This is a candlestick chart, the name of which is translated from Japanese as the bar in the middle, or the balance of the bar. The Heiken-Ashi chart is characterized by cushioning of market noise. This is its advantage over the Japanese candlestick chart. In addition, it vividly and in advance illustrates the arrival of a new trend on the market. Heiken-Ashi is used as a separate tool for analyzing price dynamics and forming forecasts, and in complex with other types of charts.

Indicators for technical analysis

A trader has dozens of technical indicators, the range of which is gradually expanding, as well as other tools for technical analysis. In IQ Option for PC Windows trading application, technical indicators can be combined together to create new strategies. In addition, these algorithms can be used together with other technical analysis tools. 

The best and most demanded indicators are given in a separate group called "popular". Start with them, if you have little experience, and you will succeed!

Select indicators on the app
Select indicators on the app

Types of orders

Aside from the usual market order, which means you'll trade now at the current prices, you can also use pending orders. For example, you are not happy with the current price of an asset, but you have a hunch that it should soon drop to n. To avoid sitting in front of your monitor while you wait, you use a pending order: buy when a specific price is reached. If this condition is met, the order will be filled automatically.

You can also use limit orders to reduce the risk of the trade. They are divided into two types: take profit and stop loss. The first one is used to keep profits and the second one to reduce losses.

Stop loss and take profit functions for your convenience
Stop loss and take profit functions for your convenience

How to download IQ Option for Windows PC? 

To download IQ Option for Windows, you must go to the official website and click on the appropriate button, "download". After downloading, the installation wizard will offer where to save the program and display it in the Quick Launch bar or as an icon on the Desktop. In any of the above cases, press the "Install" button. 

Try a functional trading app
Try a functional trading app

Opening the IQ Option desktop Windows APP 

As soon as the installation is completed, a window with the broker logo will open on the desktop, click on which. Then it is necessary to enter your data, more precisely - login and password of the trading account. When the authorization is successful, you can start customizing the platform. 

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

How to start trading with IQ Option APP for Windows PC?

So, when IQ Option download for PC Windows is completed, and you are already in the application, you can start working:

  • Deposit to your trading account, if this has not been done before;
  • Change the display of charts, including the colour and width;
  • Change the colour of the platform;
  • Customize indicators;
  • Study market news;
  • Use trading signals;
  • Listen to video tutorials;
  • And, as a result, make your first real trade.

How to open a demo account?

A demo account is available to users right after registration and allows them to use a virtual portfolio of $10,000. This account enables you to make all types of trades that are available in the real account. Thus, you have the possibility to test your own trading strategies and study the trading terminal functionality without any deposit. To open the account, simply select the appropriate menu during registration. 

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

It should also be noted that in the application IQ Option for Windows PC you have such an opportunity, as depositing to the demo account. Try it, you do not lose anything!

How to open a real account?

In order to open a real account, all you have to do is deposit the minimum amount of money into your account, as well as your verification details in the system. For that, just go to your personal client cabinet and click the button "Deposit".

How to replenish a deposit?

There are a number of very popular ways to replenish your account:

  • Visa/MasterCard;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Bank Transfer;
  • Bitcoin Wallet etc.

Minimum deposit amount

At the time of writing this article, the minimum deposit amount was only $10. This is a small deposit by the standards of other brokers, so, please, pay attention to this platform, the conditions are favorable! Register through the link below, and you will not regret! IQ Option download for PC Windows-the right decision!

How to withdraw money?

You may withdraw your profit made from your IQ Option account in the same way as you deposited it. To initialize the process of withdrawal, you need to make a special request in your account and specify the preferred method of withdrawal.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose