The topic of investment is increasing in importance every year around the world. Whereas in the past investments as a way of increasing capital were only considered by large market players such as international corporations, holding companies and banking institutions, and the average person had no access to a stock exchange, the situation has now changed significantly. The investment platform has become virtual, online trading is now available to anyone with internet access, a laptop, and a minimum initial amount to activate an account of just $10 and, of course, an irresistible desire to understand all the intricacies of investing. Below we will look at investing in Pfizer shares. 

Pfizer is one of the largest drug manufacturers. It offers drugs and vaccines in a variety of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, pain management and biologics. The company serves wholesalers, retailers, pharmacies, hospitals and government agencies.

The list of partners includes many big names: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Astellas Pharma, Akcea Therapeutics and Merck. The company was founded in 1849. Its capitalisation is $190 billion.

Revenues are down in 2019 and 2020 relative to previous years. However, in its Q4 2020 report published on February 2. Pfizer beat its revenue forecast, reporting $11.68bn, up 12% from the same period in 2019. The consensus forecast expects sales to grow 46% by the end of 2021.

Net profit in 2020 is down 41%. EPS is $0.42 in the latest financial report, 12.5% below expectations at $0.48 per share. At the same time, according to the consensus forecast, EPS is expected to grow by 106% by December 2021. Pfizer shares are now valued at $ 34.94 (+9.59 % YoY). The trend is positive. 

Official website of Pfizer
Official website of Pfizer

How to invest in Pfizer shares?

Pfizer stock is successfully traded under the PFE ticker New York Stock Exchange, exchanges in Frankfurt, Mexico, Argentina. You can buy Pfizer stock through a broker who works with these exchanges.

Choosing the right agent is among the key conditions for a trader who wants to trade successfully on the stock market. The agent is your helper and adviser in the securities market and the consequence of your transactions will largely depend on his professionalism and knowledge.

How to invest in Pfizer shares
How to invest in Pfizer shares

Nowadays, there are lots of agents in the market who trade at various markets and give different investment platforms, giving a wide range of services, like the ability to use leverage in trading and use unique tools for technical analysis and more. To Select a great broker, pay attention to the following things:

  • reliability. Pay attention to the availability of a permit, the term of activity on the market, reviews about this broker, whether there's a representative office in your area, rating, etc. ;
  • the availability of the tools you need to trade. Each agent supplies a set of tools for stock market trades, such as different purposes for buying ("stop loss","multiplier", etc.), indexes for technical evaluation, the availability of a free demo account for training, etc. Also on the platform there is mainly a learning section where you are able to find all the essential training information, and a section"information", which contains links to current information from trusted confirmed sources of information regarding companies whose stocks are displayed on the online trading platform;
  • the amount of the minimal deposit. Online investment platforms designed for the normal broker tend to have a low starting sum (usually $10), while highly professional platforms which employ experienced investors frequently set a high starting amount. Which platform to choose depends on your financial capacities and experience;
  • availability of feedback. Check to see if you're able to get advice, if your customer service is working, and in the event that you're able to get your questions answered 24/7;
  • commission. Of course, the size of the commission the agent withholds for the services is of great importance.
Pfizer investing platform
Pfizer investing platform

Pfizer stock dividends can earn investors as much as 4% a year. This is an above average dividend. But there have also been long black bars in the corporation's history. From 2018 to 2020, Pfizer's share price was volatile. Quotes often collapsed and investor sentiment worsened. At the same time, the outlook for Pfizer stock is quite optimistic. New drugs appear on the market every year and the company's financial performance usually recovers quickly from any crises.

CFD trading is also a favorite way of investment when you trade the difference in the price of a stock between the opening and closing times.

That is, you need to have the ability to predict the possible increase or fall in the value of shares in the market. You can create a profit in this case only as long as you correctly predict the behaviour of the value of stocks. Most online platforms allow you to utilize the"multiplier" choice when choosing the type of CFD transaction, with which you can expand the spent amount according to the chosen multiplier ratio. For traders with a small start-up capital, it is beneficial to switch to short-term trading. As soon as Pfizer's stock quotes rise by a few percent, it makes sense to close the deal, wait for the price to decline, and only then enter into a purchase. In addition, many brokers allow you to conclude CFD contracts for both growth and decline in the value of securities. In this case, even a collapse in the markets can bring profit to the investor.

How to buy Pfizer shares
How to buy Pfizer shares

How do I buy Pfizer shares?

To begin working with Pfizer stocks, the first step after choosing an online broker is to enroll on an online investment system. Registration is a simple and straightforward process which requires a max of five minutes and does not need you to provide more information than your original name and emailaddress. Use your existing email address, as after registration you'll have to confirm it using the standard procedure, and later you will receive reminders from the mail about possible unfinished transactions on the platform, information that you might subscribe to on the platform, notifications of opening or closing market, etc.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

Employing a demo consideration is essential when you do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to invest. To get real money in the future, you will have to replenish the real account by depositing money into it. As a rule, the minimal starting amount is low and is only $10. You can replenish such an account with any of those payment methods listed on the site. With the same systems later on you might also withdraw your money.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

To invest in Pfizer stocks, choose the PFE ticker on the platform. After choosing a ticker, the system will offer you to view information about the asset, namely the current cost, terms of purchase and trade. Here you'll find links to the latest news about the company from reliable sources.

Payment methods for investment
Payment methods for investment

Why is it profitable to invest in Pfizer? 

Pfizer is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms. Its product line is one of the broadest in the world. Based on statistics for February, you will find more than 90 products manufactured by the pharma giant.

The company has been developing socially important and promising areas of medicine such as, for example, cancer therapy for a number of years. This criterion is crucial when analysing a pharmaceutical business. 

Pfizer is a manufacturer of the most popular drug on the planet, Viagra. Pfizer has also pioneered a vaccine from the COVID-19 virus. Pfizer has a range of promising titles in its experimental drug line-up, many of which could turn into blockbusters and hit the market in the next 3-4 decades. Business has already received good news from labs - Talzenna (talazoparib) has been accepted from the US for the treatment of various types of metastatic breast cancer. Visimpro (dacomitinib) was given the green light to treat lung cancer.

 In 2020, the organisation's stock has grown several times over.

Information about Pfizer shares on the platform
Information about Pfizer shares on the platform

Revenues from the fourth quarter of 2020 rose to $11.7 billion, up 12 per cent from a year earlier, and profits rose to $2.4 billion, up 15 per cent. For the full year 2020, the organisation's profits rose just 2 per cent to $41.9 billion compared to 2019, while net income was up 16 per cent to $12.5 billion. Pfizer is also forecasting for this year that its profits from the KOVID-19 virus vaccine, developed in collaboration with German company BioNTech, will be around $15 billion and annual revenues will be $59.4-61.4 billion, significantly higher than in 2020. Pfizer's long-term outlook is quite optimistic. Obviously, all projections will depend on the coronavirus situation, but most analysts are predicting earnings per share (EPS) growth of an average of 35 per cent in the coming year. 

Investing in the pharmaceutical sector also has the advantage of being relatively independent of the entire global market. Even during emergencies, people continue to purchase medicines. This corporation's revenue levels are therefore not closely correlated with global GDP growth. 

Pfizer is therefore intriguing as a company to invest in. We believe that tn investing in Pfizer stock is an excellent choice.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose