Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. The websites of almost all modern services and shops are now available in a mobile format, so ordering any kind of service or product takes a few minutes and is done in a few clicks. It is very fast, dynamic and, of course, convenient. Also, you can learn through all sorts of apps, such as those for learning foreign languages. Banking apps, apps for various payment systems, and all sorts of organizers, electronic calendars and so on are also available. The list is really endless.

Brokerage companies have not been left out either, offering traders a convenient option of brokerage online platforms in the form of mobile applications. Now all the functions of brokerage platforms are available directly from a mobile phone, which is extremely convenient. 

Traders have appreciated the convenience and ease of downloading applications, so the mobile format of trading sites is gaining in popularity.

The Pocket Option brokerage company has developed one of the best mobile applications and we will talk about it below. 

How to download Pocket Option mobile trading application, what is Pocket Option apk installation file for android, what devices support the application - read on.

Pocket Option APP
Pocket Option APP

What is the Pocket Option APP APK? 

APK file (Android Package) is a format of archived executable application files for Android and several other Android-based operating systems. Each Android application is compiled and packaged in a single file which includes all the code of the application.

During an APK download, the full content of the app is downloaded. However, the word APK does not appear at the time of transferring applications from Google Play, as the procedure is automatic. 

If you need to download and install an application differently, you will have to deal with this file format.

There are several important reasons for becoming familiar and proficient with APK:

  • Early access to apps and updates. New Android builds almost always hit the web well before the official release. They are distributed in APK format. Some features will not be available to the user at all if they wait for an automatic update.
  • The application to be used is not available in the region.
  • The update is taking too long. The service puts all users in a queue, which is often quite long. It becomes a choice of waiting a long time or downloading a full APK file several times faster and installing the current version of the app at once.
  • After an update, the app has deteriorated or lost some of its useful functions. The old version can only be downloaded and installed via an apk file.
  • The target device for installing an Android app does not have a connection to the Google Play shop. APK files are the only solution in this situation.

Care must be taken when using an APK. 

When downloading a file from sources other than the official playmarket, you will need to go into your device settings and under "Security" check the "Allow installation of files from unknown sources" box (the name of the menu item may differ slightly depending on the phone model). Thus, you take full responsibility for the quality of the downloaded program. 

What is the most reliable way of Pocket Option apk download? In order not to damage your device by viruses and not to download malicious software to your device, install the application only from official sources - in this case, from the official site of Pocket Option broker.

Pocket Option official website
Pocket Option official website

In the "Applications" section of the site, select the Android shortcut and activate the "Download" option. If after downloading the file you do not see the Pocket Option shortcut on the screen of your device, search for the downloaded file using the file manager and activate it. Sometimes you need additional permission to install the software - in this case, you will be prompted to select "yes" (or "allow") on your phone screen.

Supported Android devices 

The Pocket Option app is available for download on devices running the Android operating system (version 4.4 or higher).  The size of the application is 4.9 MB. The app is constantly being improved, so these specifications are subject to change. Look for information on the required device specifications for downloading the program on the broker's official website in the "Applications" section, or on the official device playmarket in the "Additional information" tab.

Pocket Option apps
Pocket Option apps

Interface of the Pocket Option mobile application. Functions and features 

The mobile version of the Pocket Option trading platform is a great solution for broker lovers. You get all features of the full, desktop version of the site in a convenient mobile format! Access to all assets operated by a broker (currencies, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies), quotation charts, tools for complete market analysis (indicators, signals), access to a demo account, possibility of depositing or withdrawing funds - all this is now available through Pocket Option mobile application.

The program interface is clear and concise, and the user menu is convenient. You can easily find the asset you want, make a deposit or select a chart type. Even a beginner will understand the easy navigation of the platform's mobile application.

Pocket Option Application Interface
Pocket Option Application Interface

In addition to the main, trading version of the application, Pocket Option has also developed additional applications for traders: "Analytics", "Signals" and "Strategies". The names of the applications speak for themselves. To learn more about the market, take advantage of the opportunity to download additional Pocket applications. You can find them by going to the "Our Applications" menu section.

How do I download the mobile version of Pocket Option for Android? 

To download the Pocket Option application on your Android mobile device, you simply go to the game shop, then enter the name of the application "Pocket Option" in the search bar and, once you have found the application, press the "Download" button. ". The app will then start downloading automatically to your device - just wait until the app is fully downloaded, after which a branded shortcut will appear on your screen. Activating it will take you to the home page to register or sign in - depending on whether you already have an account on the platform or not, register or sign in and get started.

Google Play Market is the favourite place of Android users, because it's where we often find interesting games and useful apps.

Downloading apps via Google Play Market is convenient, easy and fast, as there is no need to do any additional settings or actions.

Users menu
Users menu

However, there are many reasons why you might want to download an Android APK (Android Package Kit) file without using Google Play.

If you can't download Pocket Option for Android via the game shop, please use the Pocket Option for Android APK file to download the application.

What is the fastest and safest way to download Pocket Option apk? Go to the official website of the broker, use the normal browser on your smartphone. Then visit the "Help" section of the menu, then go to the "Apps" tab. Choose the right application depending on your operating system and click the "Download" button. The automatic download of the Pocket Option apk for android will start immediately - you will see a notification on the top panel of your device that the file has started downloading. Once the download is complete, open the Downloads section on your device, locate the downloaded apk file by focusing on the end of the file name (.apk extension) and click on it. When the file is launched, the system will ask for permission to install the app, for which you need to click on the "Yes" button.

Further installation of the application will take place automatically. Wait for the program to load and then you will see the application shortcut on the screen of your device. The application is ready to use!

Where can I download the Pocket Option mobile app for Android? 

You can download the mobile version of Pocket Option platform through the official app shop on your device (Google Play Market), or from the official website of the broker.

Use only official resources for downloading applications!

How to download the Pocket Option app?
How to download the Pocket Option app?

How to install the Pocket Option app on Android devices? 

Installation of Pocket Option on Android devices is automatic if the application is downloaded from Google Play Market. That is, once the "download" button is clicked, the installation is done immediately, so the user does not have to think about how and how to open the APK on Android.

If an app is installed from any source other than Google Play Market, Android considers it as an installation from unknown sources, which is against the system's security policy. To install such a file, you must first go to your phone's settings, Security section, and check the "Allow downloads from unknown sources" box.

To avoid downloading malware and damaging your equipment with viruses, simply download the application via the broker's official website.

How do I update the Pocket Option Android app? 

Despite all the functionality of the app, all new features and functions of the app are added from time to time. The app is updated automatically if it does not conflict with personal settings on your device.

How do I sign up for the Pocket Option Android app?  

Signing up for the Pocket Option app is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. After downloading the app, tap the app icon on your device screen. You will see the initial welcome page of the app, where you need to select the "Register" or "Authorize" option.

As the mobile app almost exactly copies the desktop version of the app, there is no difference in which version to register your account. To register, select the "Create account" option, enter your email address and password twice in the registration form that opens. Check the box "I agree to the terms of the public offer" (you can read the public offer by clicking on the active link below). Click the "Register" button. Confirm your registration in the usual way by email. 

Pocket Option registration
Pocket Option registration

Pros and cons of the Pocket Option APK Pros and cons of the Pocket Option APK 

Installing applications via an apk file has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of manual installation include: 

  • Early access to apps and updates. Almost always new Android builds hit the web earlier than the official release on Play Market. They are distributed in APK format. Some features will not be available to the user if he or she waits for an automatic installation or auto-update.
  • The app you want to use is not available for download in that particular region or beyond.
  • The update has taken too long. The service puts all users in a queue, which is usually quite long. The choice will be to wait a long time or to download the full APK file several times faster and install the current version of the app immediately.
  • After an update, the app gets corrupted or loses some of its useful features. Only download and install the old version using the apk file.

However, you should be careful when using the APK. Only download the app from official sources (in our case from the broker's official website), so as not to download malicious files to your gadget or encounter virus services spread by pirate software.

Trade with Pocket Option!
Trade with Pocket Option!

The Pocket Option application allows you to trade anytime and anywhere, your online platform is always at your fingertips.

Install the application that follows the above recommendations and tips, and trade with Pocket Options! 

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose